Dennis Baxter

Branch Manager

Celebrity Home Loans, LLC

Salem, IN

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Being a Star means getting the best, without compromise or sacrifice.  Well, that’s the way we see your refinance loan. 

Rates so low….you’ll know you are special to us. 

You are the star, not us… which means we don’t spend time, money or energy making ourselves look special – we’d rather pass that on to you with unbeatable refinance rates. 

Service levels so high…… you won’t believe how fast and easy your refinance process can be.  Because you are a Star with us, we’ve removed all of the traditional barriers to entry– our people, our process, and our technology will simply make you say wow! 

Access to the most state of the art loan programs…’ll never feel better around the water cooler knowing you’ve landed the best loan program at the best terms for your unique situation.